CS Filter
    * Easy filter cleaning
    * Powerful and easy suction for liquid, sludge, hair etc.
    * Plastic filter for semi-permanent use
    * Cartridge has 3-layer; basic filter, centrifugal filter, micro filter caring for user's health
    * Maintains initial suction level continuously and efficient usage
  Transparent Pipe Block Structure(Excluding HC 100MS)
    * Easy to check the status of operation and the amount of garbage inside
    * Customization is possible by adding more blocks
    * Bullet proof strength and durability
  Innovation in Design
    * Comfortable handle and locking mechanism
    * Special type of plastic material for lighter weight and user's convenience
  Standardized Mass Production
    * All parts are standardized for faster and more accurate after sales service
    * Motor and electric parts are comply with laws and rules of each country


  Commercial Facilities
    Buildings, churches, hotels, bars, shopping malls, theaters, convenient stores, large scale stores, gas stations, car washes, mechanical stations, barber shops, beauty parlors, game rooms, banquet halls, restaurants etc.
  Industrial Facilities
    Construction sites, warehouses, milling factories, pharmaceutical factories, textile factories, sewage disposal plants, waste disposal facilities, cleaning service companies, food processing factories, garment factories, wooden product manufacturing factories, chemical product, computer facilities and office supply factories etc.
  Educational Facilities Schools, gymnasiums, libraries, laboratories etc.
  Medical Facilities Hospitals, veterinary hospitals etc.
  Other Facilities Showrooms, galleries, concert rooms etc.

    As a vacuum cleaner inside a car, wet carpet cleaning, cutting oil and chip removing, sludge cleaning in drainage, hair removing in beauty parlor, food waste cleaning, clogging in bathtub, removing debris on the floor in veterinary hospital, hospital, removing water on the floor, cleaning hidden places

    Never use to suck up flammable liquids. (Causing a fire)

Specs. HC 100MS HC 100M1 HC 200M1/M2 Free VAC Collector 300C
Weight 7Kg 17Kg 19.5Kg/24.5Kg 70Kg/80Kg
Height 500mm 810mm 1020mm 1400mm
Width(Left and Right) 410mm 550mm 550mm 580mm
Width(Front and End) 400mm 520mm 550mm 840mm
Capacity 15L 36L 54L 54L
Voltage 110/220V/50-60Hz


110/220V/50-60Hz 220/380V/50-60Hz
Wire Length 5M 10M 10M 10M
Electricity Usage Max.1,200 Watts/H Max.1,400 Watts/H Max.1,400 Watts/H Max.3,700 Watts/
4,600 Watts/H
Vacuum Level Max.2,200mm H20 Max.2,820mm H20 Max.2,820mm H20 -
Suction Speed Max.45L / sec Max.55L / sec Max.55L / sec -
Suction Level Max.480 Watts Max.492 Watts Max.492 Watts -